Event Information:

Attendees arriving earlier than the event are welcome to wait in the reception/ cafe area.

Setting-up and packing away must be included within the time of the room booking. You will have access to the room from the time of your booking and departure from the space must be made when your booking time ends. Please ensure you strictly adhere to this as the room may have been booked by someone else either side of your booking. Please take into consideration any additional set up or pack away time is added before finalising your booking and ensure this remains within the venue opening or closing times unless by prior arrangement.

All advance bookings give you the opportunity to choose a minimum 15 minute, 30 minute or 45 minute window either side of your booking to allow for set-up and pack away time.

Please be aware that if you fail to book adequate pack away time in advance and your booking over runs outside of the time you have booked, you will be charged the full hourly rate, payable at reception before you depart.

All communications in relation to any booking must be via email only to allow this to be actioned in a timely manner, other means of communication may not be seen or acted upon.

Venue Information:

  • The function hire includes only the area booked and toilet facilities.
  • The maximum capacity for the Amber Moon or Lake Breeze room is 30 people per room, unless otherwise agreed.
    Harmony Wellness is 8 persons.
  • We will try to ensure any specific drinks requirements are captured
  • Children attending must be kept under supervision at all times due to the Lake being onsite.
  • A strict 5mph speed limit is in place all over the site as per the signage displayed.
  • No heated electrical appliance is to be used onsite or in any room.
  • No items / posters to be stuck on any of the walls.
  • Reception / cafe area is not included in full venue hire.
  • Nothing is to block the fire panel or fire exits.
  • Venue supplied eco logs to only be used in Willow Lodge (small fee applies).
  • Lake House Kent has a strict policy that usage of any part of the site is only to be used for legal activities.
  • We will actively promote  events held here on our social media and website if requested. To qualify you must send over a poster in an Instagram square and also provide the wording / booking details you want us to use. Please ensure the post clearly states the date of the event, the start and end time, and also our address. Only one post per booking will be added, any additional requests will incur a charge.
  • If you require the use of the fire pit in Willow Lodge, this is a £5 fee and includes the supply of eco smoke free wood. To request this, you must add the request to the comments section when you book. The £5 fee is paid on the day of the event.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Lakehouse Kent (LHK) reserves the right to cancel any hiring not less than 28 days before commencement and will provide the hirer with a full refund
  2. If the hirer cancels the booking more than 28 days before the function, a full refund will be given (minus any fees issued by Zettle who facilitate the booking transaction as they will not refund these).
  3. If the hirer cancels the booking less than 28 days before the booked date, no refund will be given.
  4. Cancellations must be confirmed in writing to


The provider will ensure that valid policies of insurance are in place with a reputable insurance company to cover for third party and public liability risks in respect of any claim for death or personal injury suffered by any person (including staff of the supplier and client) during use of the facility if the facility is found to be negligent in meeting the policy requirements.

The Service provider shall indemnify the Client completely against any claims, costs, demands or judgements which result from the operation of the facility unless such claims, costs, demands or judgements result from the client’s own negligence.

Vehicles are parked at owner’s own risk.

Food, drink and Catering

  1. The hirer may only bring food and drinks (non-alcoholic) onto the premises for consumption by prior agreement. No alcohol to be consumed on the premises.
  2. If it is found that unauthorised drinks have been consumed on the premises, future hiring of the facility may be revoked or refused.
  3. Any food provided by the hirer must adhere to current legislation, i.e. food handling and preparation.
  4. LHK take no responsibility for food brought onto the premises.
  5. If use of kitchen / drinks package or catering facilities are required then this will need to be booked using the additional booking information. If not booked then the kitchen or facilities are not to be used.
  6. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure their guests adhere to these rules.
  7. All refuse to be taken away by the hirer as no facilities are available on site for this disposal.
  8. If you are using outside caterers to supply food, please detail the company you will be using and ensure all packaging, trays etc are removed as per item 7 above.



  1. The hirer shall not cause or permit any excessive noise or nuisance to the occupiers of adjacent properties.
  2. Any entertainment must not exceed 90 decibels at any time.
  3. LHK reserve the right to refuse the hirers’ entertainment choice.
  4. The function room fire exit doors must not be opened except in an emergency. Please ensure that the fire exits are always kept clear.
  5. Please be conscious that another booking may be in an adjacent room space so absolute quiet cannot be guaranteed as well as others will be using the shared spaces/ facilities.


  1. LHK operates a non- smoking environment except in the designated smoking area. The hirer must ensure that no one is permitted to smoke within the confines of the building and only in the designated area.
  2. The designated smoking area is outside as per the signage. It is requested that all cigarette butts are disposed of in ashtrays/bins provided.
  3. Smoking is not permitted to the front of the entrance gates.

Damages or loss

  1. LHK will not be held responsible for any damages or loss to individuals or property whilst on site and any vehicles are parked at owners’ risk and must be in a dedicated parking area.
  2. Any damages to the fabric of the building, breakages or loss of any equipment or facility arising from the function, LHK will discuss with the hirer and recoup the costs as communicated with the hirer


  1. No alterations to the facilities, its fixtures, fittings, or services in posters, advertisements or other such shall be affected without the consent of LHK.
  2. The emergency exit doors must be always kept clear and must not be blocked by any furniture or items associated with the event.
  3. LHK have 24 hour CCTV in operation in the building, entrance, grounds & part of the car parking area.
  4. An authorised representative of LHK will be always present in the facility and the hirer shall comply with any directions given in relation to the use of the facilities.
  5. Animals allowed on site only by prior agreement.
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